Do Children Make Us Lose Our Minds?

by Karolyn Benger I am not an idiot.  I think.  Or at least, I am almost certain that I am not an idiot. Yet, frequently, I find myself doing things or caught in situations that make me question this assumption. For example, the numerous times I forget my keys.  I have been locked out of my own home at least four times in the past six weeks.  But I can justify this because I have three different bags depending on which role I am playing in that moment. Three bags!!! I have a purse for … [Read more...]

October Contests!

Welcome!  This month, North Shore Children & Families is sponsoring two contests!  Two chances to win! Enter to win tickets to A Christmas Story -- The Musical! or Enter to our Facebook Halloween Costume Contest to win tickets to either Boston Ballet's The Nutcracker (Adults) or A Christmas Story -- The Musical (Kids). Scroll down to see details and to enter! Good luck!     … [Read more...]

Enter to Win Tickets to A Christmas Story — The Musical!

Enter to win tickets to A Christmas Story: The Musical! Deadline: October 31st! Performances: November 29-December 8 All prizes are awarded courtesy of North Shore Children & Families, and in partnership with select sponsors. Please – only one entry per family.  Several winners will be selected. Your entry gives us permission to publish your name in a future issue.   … [Read more...]

Enter our Facebook Halloween Costume Contest!

North Shore Children & Families invites you to enter our Facebook Halloween Costume Contest!  Win Tickets to: Boston Ballet's The Nutcracker (Adults) or A Christmas Story -- The Musical (Kids).  Contest Deadline is November 10th! How to Enter: "Like" our Facebook page and post a photo of your child (or yourself) in your Halloween costume at We'll pick an adult winner and a child winner. All prizes are awarded courtesy of North Shore Children & … [Read more...]

Halloween Costume Contest

Press in image or link to visit "Like" our page and post a photo of you and/or your child in a Halloween costume. Separate photos for children and adults please. Only one winner per family. … [Read more...]

Holy Crap, Woman, Calm Down!

by Michelle X. Curran Have you ever had one of those crappy parenting days when you thought to yourself, Jesus, I’ve finally gone and scarred my children for life?  No? Well, hooray for you and your perfectness. You might as well just stop reading now before your virgin eyes are burned by my stories of piss poor parenting. For those of you who have experienced your own episodes of PPP, you might know where I’m coming from, and you may know exactly how I’m feeling right now. Guilty. … [Read more...]

Facebook, Teenage Sexuality and the Wisdom of Old People

One of the articles for this issue was inspired by a provocative blog entry written by Ferret Steinmetz ( called “Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex”.   This blog entry has been making the rounds on Facebook.  As I say in Teaching Teens about Awesome Sex (this issue), there is much about Steinmetz’ post that I like.  But we disagree on one basic point, and that is, what it means to have “good” sex.  For Steinmetz, good sex is about fun.  For me, good sex is about … [Read more...]

Teaching Your Teen about “Awesome Sex”

By Michael F. Mascolo, Ph.D. In a post on his blog, Ferrett Steinmetz wants his daughter to have awesome sex.  Is that a good or a bad thing?  In my view, it depends entirely on what one means by the phrase “awesome sex”. There is a lot that I like about Steinmetz blog post.  First, Steinmetz is no hypocrite.  He enjoys sex; he wants his daughter to experience the same joy that he experiences from sex.  Why would wish to deny something to our sons and daughters that we hold to be dear?   … [Read more...]

Knowledge is Power when Defeating Cyber Bullying

By Kate Roberts, Ph.D. Cyber bullying is the use of technology to harass, hurt, embarrass, humiliate, and intimidate another person. Targets are the same students who are bullied in person; they are vulnerable, have difficulty reading social cues and they are often alone and socially isolated. Cyber bullying occurs 24/7 via cell phones, instant messaging, mobile devices, and social networking websites. According to recent studies almost half of middle and high school students have … [Read more...]

How George Took Me In

By Justin Travers George died yesterday.  Or did he pass?  I never know which to use.  Pass is softer, but he died.  Either way, I am sad. I was just getting to know George.  He was a recently retired professor from an Ivy League school.  He joined our church.  It wasn’t long before he was an integral part of the church – part of its center.  He served on the Vestry committee.  He was there when a decision was needed about what to do about the broken window and the minister was out of … [Read more...]