Dr. Kate Roberts

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Knowledge is Power when Defeating Cyber Bullying

By Kate Roberts, Ph.D. Cyber bullying is the use of technology to harass, hurt, embarrass, humiliate, and intimidate another person. Targets are the same students who are bullied in person; they are vulnerable, have difficulty reading social cues and they are often alone and socially isolated. Cyber bullying occurs 24/7 via cell phones, instant messaging, mobile devices, and social networking websites. According to recent studies almost half of middle and high school students have … [Read more...]

Managing the Transition Back to School

By Kate Roberts, Ph.D. Regardless of your child’s age, the first day of school can be daunting for children and parents. It’s not just the transition from summer to school year that can be overwhelming. It can be especially difficult during a transition year when a child is entering a new environment such as kindergarten, first grade, middle school, or high school. Here are some tips for a good start to a transitional school year: Start early. Shop for new supplies and clothes in … [Read more...]

Help Your Child Deal with Bullies

by Kate Roberts, Ph.D. Although bullying has existed for centuries, today it seems more prevalent than ever before. According to the latest data samples (2010) from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 29 percent of children are bullied. This includes face-to-face bullying, as well as cyber-bullying. Bullying is defined as a form of intimidation or an attempt to have power over someone who is perceived as weaker. There are two types of bullying. Physical aggression or … [Read more...]