How George Took Me In

By Justin Travers George died yesterday.  Or did he pass?  I never know which to use.  Pass is softer, but he died.  Either way, I am sad. I was just getting to know George.  He was a recently retired professor from an Ivy League school.  He joined our church.  It wasn’t long before he was an integral part of the church – part of its center.  He served on the Vestry committee.  He was there when a decision was needed about what to do about the broken window and the minister was out of … [Read more...]

I Wish You’d Break that Dang DS!

By Justin Travers First of all, I didn’t know what a “DS” was.   I mean, I knew it was some hand-held video game thing.  I just assumed it was a type of video game.  I pretended that the “DS” meant something like “Dramatic Stories”, “Decimals and Sine-Curves” or “Delivery Me Some Sanity”.  I feared, however, that it meant “Death Star”, “Demons of Speed” or “Dirty Stuff”. Turns out that DS means “Double Screen”.  It’s a video game thing with two screens.  I have no idea what the screens are … [Read more...]

My Battle with King Video

My Battle with King Video by Justin Travers Video is King.  So is the computer. The iPodtouch.   The TV.  The cellphone.  Movies and TV and video, oh my!   I fear that it is a form of pollution.  It is deteriorating Zack’s brain. But wait --  I really do mean it.  I mean, I know that any single TV show isn’t such a big deal. I know that one videogame is not going to kill my kid.  But if I let Zack have all the video he wanted, that’s all he would do.  And so, I’ve decided to do … [Read more...]

How I Learned to Drive Like My Grandmother

by Justin Travers “You never know what you really have until you’ve lost it.” “When I get weary, and I can’t sleep, I count my blessings, instead of sheep.” “Savor the moment.” These are such trite, hackneyed expressions. The only problem with them, of course, is that they’re true! And how do I know this? Well, I broke my hand. All this from a broken hand? How pathetic. So why did this affect me so much? Well, it was my right hand. And breaking your right hand is like, well, … [Read more...]