Teens and Their Apps

Ask Dr. Mike I broke down and gave my 13-year-old daughter a smart phone for her birthday. She wanted one, and even though I was a bit leary, I wanted to be able to contact her.  But now she is always on the phone, texting and using apps.  I looked at some of the pictures on her apps, and I find them disturbing.  Should I take her phone away?  Should take away the internet from her phone?  I feel like I need to know what she’s looking at, but I also feel like I’m invading her privacy when I … [Read more...]

My 13-Year -Old Doesn’t Tell Me Anything Anymore!

Dear Mike: When he was little, my son used to tell me everything.   Now he’s 13 and is becoming a stereotypical teenager.  He doesn’t tell me anything!   I’d just like to have a conversation with him once in a while.  If I ask him how school was, all I get is a one-word response.   How can I get my child to talk to me (even a little)?    Concerned. Dear Concerned: Sometimes, when our children enter the teen years, we don’t recognize them anymore!  They have become someone different.  … [Read more...]

Getting Kids Up and Out in the Morning

"Ask Dr. Mike" is an interactive feature where you can ask our Editor, Michael F. Mascolo, PhD, a parenting, education, family or development question you may have. Do you need to know why your child behaves as he/she does? Do you need a way to bring your family unit back together in more meaningful ways? Are you struggling as a parent with your own development questions? Well, Ask Dr. Mike! It’s free and family friendly – and designed for you. Email your questions to … [Read more...]