About Us

Welcome to North Shore Children & Families!

North Shore Children & Families is the online forum and monthly print publication (10x/year) for and about children, families and parents who live on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  We support parents as they work to promote development in their children, their families and themselves.  Every issue contains:

  • A Commitment to Providing Insight as Well as Information
  • Articles Written by Professionals in the Field of Development & Education
  • Practical Principles that You & Your Family Can Use
  • Information that is “Need to Know” – Not Just “Nice to Know”
  • Focus on Child, Parent & Family Development
  • Cutting-Edge Information on Parenting, Development & Education

North Shore Children & Families is a publication and website that asks what it means to be a parent in today’s complex world.  We address the needs of young children, adolescents, teens, families and parents, too.  Our goal is to support parents in their attempts to promote the development of their children and families – with something for all ages, interests and needs.  We share articles on a variety of different issues related to parenting, development and education each month.  These topics include thoughts about how to raise a moral child, the development of interpersonal relationships, how to promote intellectual development in your child, working with schools to ensure that your child receives the best possible education and, of course, discipline and much more.  We offer practical tips to help you do the toughest and most important job there is: parenting.

But wait – parents are part of the family, too!  Adults don’t stop developing just because they are over 18, so we also share articles and resources that will help parents promote their own development.  Whether it be a focus on developing as a parent, as a person juggling career and home life, as an adult dealing with the difficulties of raising children with special needs or caring for aging parents, North Shore Children & Families provides resources to support the entire family.

We welcome you to further engage with us on Facebook and Twitter – to share your stories about parenting or families or development with us for editorial consideration – and to suggest a story or idea about something you’d like to see in our pages and on our website.  All that we do – we do for you, our North Shore family of readers!  So tell us what you’d like to see and what you’d like to learn more about.  Engage with us and all of our readers and online visitors.  Participate in or share a blog.  We invite you and your family to grow with us!  And if you like us, we hope you’ll share us with other parents and families and help us spread our good words.

North Shore Children & Families is available for free in print each month, 10x per year – and each current issue and our archives are always available online.  We print and distribute 20,000 printed publications at over 450 family-friendly, mom-frequented North Shore locations each month – including many of the independent schools in the North Shore area, our largest advertiser base.

While North Shore Children & Families is a free publication, as a regular reader – you know that we are not like other freebies in any way, shape or form.  We share “need to know information” that helps local families thrive and develop into all that they can be.  We don’t just share “nice to know” information or fluff that is rehashed from another source.  Our core editorial is custom and unique and written by a local, North Shore PhD, development specialist, college psychology professor and parent.  Our pages will never be filled with articles on the best toys for kids – or what kids will be wearing for Halloween.  We share tools and important information that helps local families, adults and kids of all ages thrive and develop into their fullest potential.

We Welcome You to Our North Shore Family!