“I’m Relaxed, Laid Back, and Without a Care in the World!” (You say that is if it were a good thing…)

By Michael F. Mascolo, Ph.D. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to conduct research in India.  My research compared the sense of self among American and Indian adolescents.  I asked adolescents to describe how they experienced themselves in relationships with different people.  I also asked them to describe how they experienced themselves when they were “just being me”. The results were illuminating.  I had always been told that adolescents and adults in Asia thought of themselves in … [Read more...]

Find the Good in Each Moment

So, if happiness means finding that which is good in life, how can this be done?   What if things aren’t so good right now?   Does that mean I must resign myself to unhappiness?   How do I know what is good?   Does this mean that I always have to be trying to “do good”?  Does it meant that I can’t seek pleasure, and that I have to sacrifice myself for others? Not in the least. Here are three basic ways to cultivate that which is good in life. 1.  Find what is good in the present … [Read more...]